Arrow Electronics has announced that it has launched the Smart Occupancy and Floor Space Monitoring Solution, in collaboration with Rigado and Iconics.

Based on an Arrow-designed and sourced set of IoT sensors, gateways and software, the Rigado Cascade and Iconics Visualisation Solution is a secure and managed edge intelligence solution with analytics dashboards, for a wide range of smart building applications. Space monitoring and utilisation are primary features that provide both commercial and retail building managers with a deeper understanding into how their workspaces are being utilised, as well as actionable insights into processes that improve efficiencies and user experiences.

“Companies today have more employee mobility and remote interaction than ever before, and both commercial and retail building owners are seeking to better manage these spaces,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of global IoT for Arrow: “This solution we have developed with our suppliers will help address these building occupancy challenges by taking the guesswork out of understanding how spaces are truly being utilised in real time, and improving their impact on a company’s growth, revenue and user experience.”

The occupancy and monitoring solution comes with support for a wide range of sensor and device options, upstream cloud data integration, device support through Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub, and a variety of global cellular data options. In collaboration with Iconics and Arrow, Rigado’s sensors and gateway platform delivers real-time occupancy and environmental data to the cloud, to be analysed and optimised by Iconics’ smart building applications.

“Gathering reliable and objective data about how and when space is being occupied and utilised is key to making educated decisions in today’s dynamic commercial real estate market. And companies without that insight will increasingly face challenges with operating efficiency and revenue growth,” said Brad McMahon, vice president, corporate development at Rigado: “The more you know about your space, the better you can operate today, and plan for tomorrow.”

For more information on Arrow’s, Rigado and Iconics’ Smart analytics platform, click here.