Arrow Electronics has developed a reference kit, inspired by the Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA family. The Cyclone 10 LP reference kit reduces time to market and development costs, by providing users with the utilities to start work immediately. 

The kit, which is the first available for this device family, includes a 55kLE Cyclone 10 LP FPGA and a large selection of common interfaces and peripherals. It can apply to a wide range of uses in the industrial, automotive, vision, test and measurement, and consumer sectors. Arrow developed the kit together with Trenz Electronic GmbH.

The Cyclone 10 LP reference kit is also a useful tool for universities and other educational establishments. Simple applications can be generated using its LEDs, switches and a 7-segment display, and new FPGA engineers can be trained on VHDL basic programming. Arrow will be offering several training labs on the boards to demonstrate interaction with all the interfaces and peripherals.

A step-by-step starter guide and a complete FPGA software package is available to address all components directly with the Cyclone 10 LP. A schematic and bill of materials can be used to investigate the details of the board or as a reference for a new FPGA design.

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