Arrow Electronics is simplifying infusion of AI into high-performance computing with a new software platform, ready to run on the BittWare 385A FPGA accelerator card. 

Arrow’s engineering team has created ready-to-use software modules in OpenCL that help users build custom engines for compute-intensive workloads, in applications such as image processing and facial recognition. As a standardised, open environment for parallel programming of heterogenous computing systems, which specifies standard programming languages and contains APIs, OpenCL ensures users can complete their projects quickly, using familiar techniques. Arrow’s new AI platform includes a compiler, which lets customers also create their own applications if desired.

“BittWare is excited to be playing an active role in Arrow’s Testdrive program, which is helping to grow the market for FPGA-based acceleration,” said Craig Petrie, vice president of marketing for BittWare: “Our optimised BSPs for the Intel OpenCL SDK provides a familiar programming experience for software-orientated customers, wishing to benefit from the performance improvements and energy-efficiencies achievable using Intel FPGA technology.”

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