Anritsu Corporation introduces its SmartStudio NR (SSNR) environment, for the purpose of enabling the functional testing of 5G devices: it is supplied as control software for the MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station. It achieves this by emulating the network conditions and communication between the 5G network and mobile terminal, implementing efficient functional tests, application tests, and software regression tests. Users do not need any prior experience with scripting and communication protocols to operate the software.

Using an external control tool called SmartStudio Manager, it is possible to create and save the operations of 5G devices and SmartStudio NR as test cases to build automated test environments. For advanced users, SSNR also provides an interface to create IMS test scripts. 

SmartStudio NR supports the following tests:

–        Network connectivity tests and carrier aggregation tests

–        Add and release LTE and 5G cells

–        Network reject tests

–        Power consumption tests and temperature tests

–        IP throughput performance tests

–        Messaging/IMS tests

–        Application tests using internet-connected test server and real application server

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