Analog Devices announces the release of MeasureWare, a plug and play suite of hardware measurement kits and software studio tools to help fulfil the growing need for precision measurement across multiple industries: applications precision agriculture, the production of beer and wine, machine health monitoring, electrochemistry and other areas requiring precise measurement. The introduction of MeasureWare marries ADI’s electronic engineering experience with those who require real-time data insights, yet may lack the time or expertise to digest corresponding datasheets or do complex firmware development.

ADI’s MeasureWare solutions are built to interface devices with the world around them, enabling users to measure the datasets relevant to their respective projects, such as temperature, weight, humidity, pH, pressure, etc. MeasureWare also offers flexibility to adjust and change measurement parameters as a project evolves. 

“We created MeasureWare to provide precision measurement solutions to a growing customer base seeking to leverage the best of ADI’s technology without needing to become fluent in component and hardware specifications,” said Lorna Keane, director of MeasureWare, Analog Devices: “With MeasureWare and our associated partner network, we support users throughout their entire measurement journey, with solutions that scale from idea to production.” 

The intuitive MeasureWare Software Studio includes:

·      MeasureWare Designer: Provides hardware recommendations to support the customer’s specific needs of their application.

·      MeasureWare Lab: Once the hardware is received customers can quickly stream and view monitoring results in measurement units. 

·      MeasureWare Developer: For the more advanced users; support preferences for host microcontroller and integrated development environments for application coding. Initially offering an Arm Mbed sample project and API, but other IDEs will be supported in the future.

For more information on MeasureWare, click here.