Crowded application boards leave little space for high performance DC-to-DC POL converters. Furthermore, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a significant concern at high component densities, limiting the field of acceptable power solutions. The LTM8074 µModule regulator aims to meet these limiting factors. It is compact, enabling it to fit in limited topside PCB space or on the backside of the PCB because of its low profile. The LTM8074 features the Silent Switcher architecture, enabling it to pass EMI testing without additional filtering or shielding components, which simplifies design and production.

The LTM8074 is a complete, ultra low EMI, high voltage input and output, DC-to-DC step-down switching power supply. The controller, power switches, inductor, and all support components are included in a low profile 4mm × 4mm × 1.92mm surface-mount RoHS-compliant BGA package, enabling utilisation of unused space on the bottom of PC boards for high power density point-of-load regulation.

The LTM8074 operates over an input voltage range of 3.4V to 40V and output voltages from 0.78V to 15V. The output voltage is precisely regulated while delivering output current to 1.2A. High efficiency and a thermally enhanced packaging enable an effective thermal performance and high power density. The internal controller’s peak current-mode control architecture enables fast transient response and good loop stability. 

Design is simplified by optimised internal feedback loop compensation, which provides sufficient stability margins under a wide range of operating conditions, with a broad range of output capacitors. The LTM8074 features Silent Switcher architecture, which minimises radiated emissions, allowing it to meet electromagnetic compatibility standards.

All support components are integrated into the LTM8074’s compact form factor, simplifying layout design and reducing solution size. Only input and output capacitors, frequency and voltage setting resistors are necessary to complete the design. 

Although the LTM8074’s µModule design results in a nearly self-contained, drop-in regulator, a number of design parameters are adjustable to meet the needs of specific applications. The output voltage and operating frequency are resistor programmable and the operating frequency can be set to synchronise to an external clock. The LTM8074 also features programmable soft-start, output voltage tracking, power good indicator, and enable control, as well as a variety of conduction mode options, including a pulse-skipping mode, Burst Mode operation and spread spectrum modulation, which further optimises light load efficiency and EMI performance.

Switching regulators naturally produces radiated EMI, as their operation requires high dI/dt events at relatively high frequency. Instead of relying on cumbersome EMI mitigation techniques, such as lowering the switching frequency, adding filter circuitry, or installing shielding, the LTM8074’s low EMI performance is a result of a built-in, proprietary Silent Switcher architecture. No external circuitry or special layout techniques are necessary to meet radiated EMI standards, such as CISPR 22 Class B.

The LTM8074 is a compact 1.2A point-of-load µModule regulator that covers a wide range of input and output voltages. It features a Silent Switcher architecture for built-in low EMI performance and design-friendly adjustability, enabling it to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, from portable devices to heavily populated industrial boards.