Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) recently hosted its inaugural Supplier Day event to honour and recognise its suppliers.  Held at the Hyatt Regency Boston, the event brought together 100 of the semiconductor company’s top suppliers for a day of recognition, celebration and relationship building.  A total of 18 awards were presented for outstanding performance and contributions.

The first event of its size and scope for ADI, Supplier Day 2019 was hosted by John Hassett, Senior Vice President Global Operations and Technology at ADI, alongside key leaders from the Global Operations and Technology group. In his opening address, Hassett shared ADI’s business strategy and its impact on the supply chain, and discussed the challenges the company faces as it continues to strengthen its core business while extending its value.

“Each of our suppliers plays a critical role in ADI’s overall strategy by offering differentiated, reliable and cost-effective solutions,” said Hassett. “This year we’ve recognised a number of our supplier partners, who have individually and collectively done a tremendous job of enabling ADI’s strategic objectives and providing outstanding support to our team as we compete, thrive and grow as a solutions company to stay ahead of what’s possible.”

The awards recognised excellence across five categories, including Quality, Delivery, Service/Responsiveness, New Product Time to Revenue and Corporate Social Responsibility. National Instruments Corp. was awarded Supplier of the Year for its exceptional performance in the development and delivery of innovative test equipment and solutions, supporting test for many of ADI’s existing and emerging product requirements.

A complete list of award recipients is below.

Supplier of the Year – National Instruments Corp.

Top Performer Contracted Manufacturing – Front End – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.           

Top Performer Contracted Manufacturing – Back End – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

Top Performer Equipment & Services – Front End – Evatec AG

Top Performer Equipment & Services – Back End – National Instruments Corp.

Top Performer Materials – Front End – GlobalWafers Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Top Performer Materials – Back End – C-Pak Pte Ltd.

Outstanding Support for ADI/LTC Integration – United Test & Assembly Center, Ltd.

Outstanding Support for ADI/LTC Integration – Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp.

Best in Quality – Established Supplier – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.

Best in Quality – Niche / Developing Supplier – Chipbond Technology Corp.

Best in Delivery – Established Supplier – Coilcraft, Inc.

Best in Delivery – Niche / Developing Supplier – ASTI Telford and Reel Service Group

Best in Service & Responsiveness – Established Supplier – ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd.

Best in Service & Responsiveness – Niche / Developing Supplier – Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp.

Best in New Product Support – Established Supplier – Photronics, Inc.

Best in New Product Support – Niche / Developing Supplier – Compass Technology, Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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