Analog Devices (ADI) has announced the acquisition of Test Motors, a company specialising in predictive maintenance of electric motors and generators. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Test Motors offers products and services that detect faults in electric motors before they cause damage to production cycles, advising on how and when to repair them. The acquisition expands ADI’s portfolio of condition-based monitoring solutions, capable of identifying equipment faults before downtime and catastrophic failure occur. 

This acquisition builds on Analog Devices’ 2018 acquisition of OtoSense, a startup that developed “sensing interpretation” software, capable of learning and recognising sounds or vibration and identifying potential problems in a factory machine or an automotive engine before they become severe. Analog Devices plans to combine software from OtoSense with Test Motors’ monitoring capabilities to create solutions that offer an advanced, holistic snapshot of machine health by capturing a wider breadth of potential faults.  


“Machine maintenance relies heavily on experienced technicians and engineers detecting and diagnosing issues that can lead to unplanned downtime,” said Kevin Carlin, vice president of automation and energy, Analog Devices: “There are not enough trained professionals, however, to keep up with the demand as the number of machines to maintain rapidly grows. ADI’s condition-based monitoring applications, driven by the acquisitions of Test Motors and OtoSense, will tackle this expert resource challenge by providing customers with a system able to perform complete and early detection of anomalies to avoid unexpected and costly machine downtime.”


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