Conformal coatings are very important if printed circuit boards are to operate reliably in harsh environments. Choosing the correct material for this process is carefully considered during production.

However, one associated area that is overlooked is the selection of a method to clean and protect capital equipment from conformal coating to make the process consistent and machine and carrier maintenance easy.

Conformal coatings are highly durable which makes them very hard to remove from a PCB rework or repair. The same is true within a coating machine or on a carrier of a product. To make the task of cleaning equipment easy, Altus Group has now added Kolb CarrierSeal to its portfolio.

Kolb CarrierSeal is a liquid sealing for coating/goods carriers, or within the chamber parts of a coating machine. The varnish or coating used within these machines is extremely difficult to remove. The residue adheres directly to the tools or within the chamber and takes a lot of manpower to remove. With CarrierSeal cleaning can be achieved easily by simply peeling off the sealing film, or machine cleaning prior to the coating process.

Matt Jones, Sales Director, Altus Group said: “If you have ever worked in a conformal coating cell or line, we are sure that you understand the difficultly of removing this resilient and stubborn material from the inside of your machine or from carriers and parts. Kolb CarrierSeal makes the job really simple. Cleaning can take place quickly and efficiently so the conformal coating process can continue effectively and production is not affected.”

Kolb CarrierSeal can be used by simply applying with a brush to the carrier and its mounted build-ups. Alternately,the sealing film can be easily cleaned off mechanically in a suitable electronics cleaning system, like the Kolb stencil cleaning systems.

Altus now stock Kolb CarrierSeal in a range of material sizes to support specific requirements. With the most advanced capital equipment available to the electronics industry, Altus also has Kolb’s range of cleaning technology and innovative systems to ensure cleaning is achieved to the highest level.