Electronics Systems designers need to protect their systems from dangerous EMI signals, and also to guard against unwanted emissions from their systems. In applications ranging from aerospace, telecommunications, military and civil control equipment filtered connectors are used to provide that protection. 

In most design circumstances, specific frequency ranges must be filtered, so customer filters are needed. However, most applications use standard connector ranges to interconnect equipment. The Oxley solutions from Aerco can be delivered through many Mil-spec connector ranges including MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-26482, as well as ARINC and D-type connectors. Options include filtered extensions added to standard connector shells or filters integrated into custom-manufactured shells.

When compared with alternative solutions, filtered connectors provide ease of assembly, reduction in space and weight and the ability to avoid having internal bulkheads in equipment.

These filter connectors are designed and manufactured at Oxley Development’s self-contained facility in the UK, with prototypes available on rapid schedules and production quantities being supplied through Aerco’s flexible stock-holding services.

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