AEL Crystals added SiTime MEMS oscillators to its collection of frequency control products, designed for IoT applications. Through the use of wireless technology such as Bluetooth, Zigbee and CSR Mesh, IoT looks to change the nature of frequency control, pulling its technology further towards the wireless.

In lieu of sizeable hardware, AEL and SiTime’s new development is miniaturised, saving space through surface mount and ultra-small chip-scale package solutions.

As a result, power consumption is reduced, while maintaining performance to match the respective operating specifications. In the case of SiT’s MEMS oscillators, the specifications it meets are those applied to applications within the cellular, IoT and wearable technology sectors. 

The MEMS oscillators are available in a 2.0 x 1.2 mm SMD package, for designs that require crystal resonator compatibility. The CSP MEMS oscillator reduces footprint by up to 80 per cent, and is 60 per cent smaller than the 1610 crystal package, measuring in at 1.6 x 1.0 mm.

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