Automotive safety is evolving from passive systems such as seat belts, airbags and crash detection to active sensing networks capable of collision avoidance and accident prevention. Radar is an especially promising active safety improvement and has the potential to significantly reduce the number and severity of distracted driving accidents.

Analog Devices, Inc., whose integrated inertial sensing iMEMS technology helped make airbags a standard automotive safety feature over 15 years ago, has introduced an affordable, high-performance, radar AFE (analogue front-end) IC.

The company’s highly integrated AD8283 automotive radar AFE IC includes the receive path signal conditioning and data capture circuitry to enable end systems for adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and other radar-based detection and avoidance applications.

Automotive safety has entered the era of the intelligent vehicle, and affordable in-car radar systems with excellent target classification and range resolution are a key feature of that. As in-car radar moves from a luxury option to a standard safety feature, the AD8283 automotive radar AFE allows designers to program the settings they need for different operating conditions.