LTP CASE was created in 1985 on a commitment: to provide a custom designed aesthetic and technical solution to the needs of small and medium production runs. With an annual need of 1 – 10 000 pieces they cannot have access to technologies for large series (plastic injection mainly) or do not find satisfaction within the standard plastic enclosure range.
By developing an integrated process, from enclosure design to enclosure fabrication, our “tooling-free” process is fast, flexible and economical because there are no specific tooling costs.
LTP CASE technicians and engineers save time and money for its customers by designing and manufacturing customized plastic enclosures and casings in small and medium size production runs without any minimum order quantities. No need for a mould. No need for post purchase rework and milling of a standard enclosure.
Since its foundation, LTP CASE has developed and manufactured more than 10,000 unique and different customized casing projects throughout the European continent, with a dedicated local partner in Germany, England, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Russia.
From the simplest solution to the most elaborate product, LTP CASE is the partner of all types of companies in the health / beauty, service / micro-electronics and industry sectors.
Customized bespoke enclosures produced by LTP are designed to embellish, protect or cover analysis, control, processing, printing or RFID devices or any type of IoT devices (Connected Objects – Internet of the Things).
You can choose one or several plastic raw materials. Our technical sales team will afterwards define the best adapted material regarding your project. (ABS, UL, POLYCARBONATE, PVC or PMMA).
Painting, Varnish, Marking, Digital Printing & Accessories
Any finishing is done in-house. None of the production steps is outsourced. 
The information provided in our online form on ElectroniCase, will allow you to generate an instant quote based on our pre-designed enclosure range. If you wish to develop a unique shape enclosure, the online checklist will allow us to understand your needs and to prepare a quote. The exact location and dimensions will be confirmed later by our construction office during the development and programming of your custom designed enclosure or front panel.
To help you understand and visualise the different features available, we provide a free of charge sample, which you can order directly online. 

Have a look at all the SHAPE possibilities we can offer …. STILL WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC TOOLING!

Small custom designed plastic casing for IoT and Micro-Electronics
Small to medium size, enclosures designed and fabricated by LTP are often handheld, wall mounted or placed on a desk. They can also be mounted inside another bigger application. In most cases they are more rapid for both development and to manufacture. At LTP the custom designed solution is materialised by a prototype within 5 working days for enclosure projects based on ElectroniCase and within approximately 2 – 5 weeks for DesignCase projects. The serial production can start immediately upon validation of the prototype. Meaning even if a manufacturer of electronic devices like IoT, detection and security devices, connected office or professional IT equipment had initially decided to use an off-the-shelf standard enclosure and the project is in the later stage of its development process, LTP can provide a rapid R&D solution. The quotation for a bespoke enclosure can be made online or directly via the LTP CASE technical sales representatives. There are two development options: ElectroniCase (quote online) or DesignCase (checklist online). The technology needs no specific tooling and yet the final enclosure will be entirely custom designed.
With a custom designed enclosure, adapt your device to its market and make it a best seller! 
You are working on a new production development project and need an enclosure? You would like an enclosure in your company colours and corporate identity? You would like to add user instructions on the enclosure to make sure the user plugs the cables into the matching connector? You would like to give your device an ergonomic shape for a comfortable use, but you do not have the budget, nor the quantity for injection mould tooling to fabricate a custom designed enclosure? You could adapt a standard plastic enclosure, but possibilities are limited. With our ElectroniCase solution, the budget is comparable to an adapted standard injection enclosure. Furthermore, with a custom designed enclosure, there are no limits. All aesthetics and technical specifications will be considered right from the start. This custom designed shape and look gives your product a unique identity. An electronic device, immediately recognisable, without any extra costs. Your sales will increase and your turnover grows.
Meet technical requirements (UL94V0, IP64) and solve functional difficulties (PCB mounting, selective EMI painting)
Common technical points from our customers, who wish to develop a bespoke enclosure are: The product contains a PCB that needs to be protected. The PCB has 2 ports on the left side and 1 port on the right side. The finished device including a PCB in an enclosure made from plastic is going to be mounted on the wall. A hidden mounting feature is needed to provide an unauthorised person to dismount the enclosure. The PCB inside the enclosure needs to be easily accessible for service and maintenance. The device is mounted inside a machine or a very narrow area where there is millimetre precision to make it fit. It needs to be as small as possible. A standard enclosure needs to be reworked and your electronics must be adapted. This rework will consume additional time and money for shipping costs to the manufacturer site, unpacking, manufacturing, packing, and shipping again to your site for mounting the PCB. A standard reworked enclosure might not even be suitable at all. With the LTP solution it is the enclosure that adapts to the electronics and your technical needs. An LTP plastic enclosure will be shipped ready for mounting directly from our production plant in France, including all the finishing you requested: cut outs, painting, marking and engraving. Your production team will be able to start mounting the electronic components immediately.
Bespoke plastic Covers & Casings for big size electronics
A plastic housing or casing is a cover or volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment. In most cases it is of a larger size supported by an internal chassis. This chassis or inner skeleton can be made from metal or plastic. A big size heavy duty electronic device, such as a spectrometer used in an industrial production environment is mounted on a metal structure, covered by plastic panels. With a custom designed solution from LTP many different solutions can be found for shape and size requests, but also for technical needs.
A heavy and big size electronic device often looks chunky, especially when the device needs to be protected from mechanical impacts or dirt by a thick plastic outer shell. LTP offers the most cost-efficient solution, adapted to the working environment of your device and add aesthetical features that give your device a modern look despite its size. Other accessories, that can be added to your unique cover and casing design are wheels, hinges, locks or trolley wheels for example.
Today engineers and technicians not only need to solve functional problems of a new device. They also need to comply with various norms such as UL94V0, IP or EMI shielding. Our online checklist allows you to express and list all necessary technical features. If your cover or casing needs to be UL94V0, LTP can use a certified raw material. In order to help you reach an IP Norm, we can adapt the design of the bespoke plastic cover including special seals. Various solutions can be achieved by selective EMI paint. We can protect the external working environment from electromagnetic interference. But we can also create conductivity within the internal area of the casing.
Bespoke SLOPED MONITOR OR DISPLAY ENCLOSURES for touch screen applications
A sloped monitor or display plastic enclosure is a volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment including a display. Its front panel is inclined, improving user machine interaction. With its medium size it can be handheld, placed on a desktop or wall mounted. Thanks to its inclined front panel with a cut out to host a display, monitor or keyboard; it does not only protect electronics such as PCBs and connectors from dirt, liquids or electromagnetic interference, but also allows the operator to comfortably use the electronic device and enhances the quality of the Human-Machine interface.
Make your device ergonomic with a custom sloped display & monitor enclosure
The inclined position of the front panel allows an adapted mounting of the membrane keyboard or monitor. LTP fabricates the bespoke enclosures without any specific mould. This means even small to medium production runs can be developed and produced “custom designed”. Like this a device for access control, that register all people that enter your office by a making them click on a display. The display and the electronics on the PCB behind the display is the whole product. So basically, there is no need for an enclosure to cover the display. But it will not look like a finished product even though it works as good. There is where a custom design plastic enclosure comes perfectly into place. From looking like a test object in a lab to a fully completed product it is often only the plastic enclosure that is needed.
Custom Designed Membrane Keyboards for your sloped enclosure: Choose a 1-stop- shop option!
LTP has been specialised in the design and development of bespoke plastic enclosures for over 30 years. Almost since day one this unique solution was exported to various other European Countries, such as Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The local partner was each time carefully chosen by LTP. The aim was to offer a real value to the different markets. Therefore all local partners of LTP are well experienced teams and offer alongside with a thorough knowledge of enclosure development, various standard electronics, but also custom solutions for membrane keyboards, connectors, metal enclosures and many more solutions needed by manufacturers of electronics measuring testing or analysing devices for the health and beauty, industrial or micro-electronics sectors.
Custom Designed Casings for Information Stands or Central Control Units of Medical Treatment Devices: NO TOOLING – NO INITIAL INVESTEMENT
A plastic POS tablet stand, or self-standing terminal housing is a volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment. With its column shape, in most cases, it is a stand-alone casing including a display. For those bigger size applications, such as central units, often needed for medical treatment devices the LTP NO TOOLING technology is the most efficient solution. This no tooling technology is the most efficient solution, as it allows manufacturers of electronic devices to develop a custom-designed solution without having to develop and invest into custom designed tooling needed for mass production technologies, such as injection. 
The price for a medical device generally is situated between 20 – 70 000 €. Within the cost calculation for electronic components and various building parts, approximately 5% is allocated to the enclosure or housing. The annual production quantity for this kind of devices is situated around 200 – 600 pieces per year. Furthermore, those devices often need to be modified and further improved during their product life cycle. The fabrication via a technology needing a mould (injection, thermoforming etc.) will trigger very high initial investment costs for the tooling (20 000 – 80 000€). If a product is stable and fabricated in high quantities, the ROI can be reached very quickly. If a product is however not stable yet, new specific tooling or a new mould have to be produced and the ROI will most probably never be reached. 
With the LTP solution the unit price will be higher compared to injection moulding, there will however be no initial investment costs and modifications can be made between any serial production. LTP uses its own production equipment, such as CNC milling, bending machines and gluing techniques, which are specifically configured for each project and each production run.
How can terminal kiosk enclosure made of plastic panels be robust enough and meet UL specifications?
Bigger size plastic enclosures can be designed just as robust as a metal enclosure, if the product design is smart and well adapted to the device and its working environment. Since the beginning of the company in 1985, LTP has developed various methods to strengthen large size plastic volumes. This can be done from the inside like carpentry work or an inner chassis. One of the big advantages to metal is the fact, that a plastic standalone enclosure is much lighter than metal. Manufacturers of electronic devices can keep their transport costs low and the end customer has a device that can be easily moved around. 
A plastic point of sales (POS) information stand is a good example. This kind of plastic enclosure generally consists of a bottom plate, a main trunk with an inner chassis and a sloped top part for the display and the total weight ranges between 5 – 30kg. The same enclosure in metal would weight x3 for Aluminium and x8 for Steel.
Another common use for a trolley enclosure is the central unit of a medical device. The portable parts of the central unit are then linked by cable, RFID or a Bluetooth connection. An LTP custom designed plastic enclosure allows creating an aesthetic product family look for the central unit as well as the applicator units. 
Devices used in an industrial environment need to be robust enough against oil or chemicals. In the health and beauty sector they often need to apply to standards such as UL and include mechanical resistance. All those requirements can be met within the LTP technology. Right from the beginning for example PVC can be chosen as the raw material due to its resistance against chemicals. Or the choice could be standard ABS material, including an extra strong clear varnish, protecting the outer appearance of the device from dirt or cleaning products.
An LTP designed trolley enclosure meets technical specifications and blends in perfectly within is application environment!
A custom designed plastic casing not only allows the development of a light and yet robust solution, but it furthermore allows the manufacturer to give the right look to the device. In opposite to metal casing, with plastic more aesthetic and shapes can be created. 
For example, in a laboratory, medical or cosmetic working environment round shapes and hygienic looking whites are used. In an industrial production environment where a device is exposed to dirt, dust, oils or chemicals, product designers prefer using colours like black, grey and silver but still prefer round and modern shapes to give the equipment a modern and state of the art look. Manufacturers of electronic devices have two goals to full fill when they work on a new production. Firstly, the product needs to provide value add functions to its user and secondly its external appearance needs to be in line with its target group. 
Robust, but light and aesthetically adapted to your market that is LTP’s contribution to your sales success!