With the accelerometer playing an active role in a wide range of functionalities, “Accelerometers for Beginners – Selection, Correct Use and Care” is the latest offering from the series of free webinars offered by HBM, a market leader in the field of test and measurement.

Taking place on the 4th and 23rd April 2019, this webinar will look at the various factors to be considered when it comes to the correct use of accelerometers and obtaining good measurements.

Hosted by Guy Rickard, Global Services & Solutions Support at BKSV, this webinar will cover various aspects such as expected vibration level, frequency range, noise and temperature, to name but a few!  Also looking at what mounting methods can be used, this webinar will also discuss how the accelerometer should be removed once the measurement is complete.

Designed to fit in with the challenging time constraints, which can often make attending relevant training courses difficult, “Accelerometers for Beginners – Selection, Correct Use and Care” will run on Thursday 4th April and again on 23rd April.

Each webinar, which usually takes a maximum of 30 minutes, can be easily assessed at a later date or simply used as a refresher course.  As an added benefit, all registered attendees will receive a link to the webinar, via email, after the presentation.

All webinars are free of charge and open to anyone.  However, spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis so reserve your space by visiting https://bit.ly/2CxNZMl

For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 01525 304980 or via email: info@uk.hbm.com  or visit the HBM website at www.hbm.com