As part of an expanding portfolio of products for the rail industry Aerco stocks and assembles the ABCIRP range of connectors from TT Electronics on a typical delivery of up to five days and with no MOQs. Aerco also stocks a full range of screened, unscreened, sealed and unsealed backshells for ABCIRP connectors.

ABCIRP connectors are approved to the French rail specification NF-F-61-030, built to Mil-C-5015 specifications and are designed specifically for the demanding environments of railway and mass transportation.

These high-performance, modular bayonet connectors have a positive lock, quick disconnect, reverse-bayonet coupling mechanism that ensures fast and reliable mating and un-mating. This minimises maintenance time, an important consideration for the rail industry. 

A low fire hazard thermoplastic insulator, which is removable for repositioning and reorientation, is used and contacts are retained by means of a unique beryllium copper spring clip. This locking system ensures a high degree of vibration and shock resistance that means there is no need for costly wire locking. The use of a stepped wire sealing grommet means there is no need to populate unused cavities with filler plugs. 

Low fire hazard thermoplastic insulators meet critical safety requirements and are removable, allowing flexibility for reorientation or providing additional capacity at a later date. ABCIRP connectors are resistant to fuel oils and solvents and operate at temperatures between -55ºC and +125ºC.