A key workshop at this year’s UK Device Developers’ Conference will be focused on the development of safe and secure embedded systems, entitled “Developing Safe and Secure Embedded Systems Using TT Architectures”.

This interactive half-day session will see workshop participants involved in the development of a controller for a domestic washing machine and assisting in the design of a generic, safety-related Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for use in a road vehicle.  

The UK Device Developers’ Conference is a one-day conference for engineers and computer scientists involved in the development of intelligent systems and devices. It is an event that explores the very latest tools and technologies available and includes a vendor exhibition, half-day technical workshops and a series of informative technical presentations.

“The techniques explored in the workshop can be readily applied in a wide range of different sectors, including industrial systems, automotive systems, medical systems, aerospace systems and white goods,” said Michael Pont, managing director, SafeTTy Systems and workshop presenter. “The workshop will be presented by a highly-experienced team, and will include coverage of key international safety standards, including ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions throughout the session.”

The UK Device Developers’ Conference is to take place in Reading, Cambridge, Warrington and Uphall (Scotland) on May 12th and 14th and June 2nd and 4th 2015 respectively. The Conference is free to engineers and technical project managers, but a small charge is made for places on the half-day technical workshops.

“As systems are becoming more complex, safety and reliability is becoming an increasingly important issue,” said Richard Blackburn, conference organiser.  “In this respect, we are we are very pleased to have such an informative workshop on the Conference agenda. I am very confident that this will prove popular.”

The UK Device Developers’ Conference includes two streams of informative technical presentation from industry experts, a series of half-day technical workshops and an exhibition of embedded systems hardware, software, debug tools, display technologies and similar industry related products and services.