Bolb’s latest UVC LED arrays are helping Chinese medical officers stem the unprecedented tide of the coronavirus in China. With a power output of between 1.2W and 2.5W, they emit disinfectant UVC light that, aside from proving lethal against germs such as MRSA, can kill viruses such as the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): it achieves this through the specificity of the wavelength, changing the RNA of the viruses quickly. At this time, its primary use is to decontaminate doctors and nursing staff as they enter or leave an isolation ward, irradiating said officials for 30 seconds. Fears over the risk it poses to radiation sickness are relaxed by the epidemic suit that the staff members are asked to wear when making contact with any infected agent. To make the invisible UVC radiation visible, the headpiece of the protective equipment is coated with a fluorescent paint that glows as soon as the emitters are activated. Additional uses include treating drinking water, or in agriculture and horticulture as a replacement for chemical pesticides. 

These LEDs are being made readily available by Laser Components. For more information, click here