Lightweight advanced components are key to saving weight and reducing energy consumption in today’s highly competitive train market. Responding to developments in mass transit applications, ITT Interconnect Solutions has released a new rectangular plastic connector that is a lightweight, small form factor replacement for the relatively large and heavy metal connectors previously used inside train cabins and carriages.

This particular device is known as the Veam device and joins the company’s VRPC connector range. It is said to be up to 80 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than comparable traditional metal interconnects. This range of connectors are IRIS compliant, can be specifically sealed to IP67 or unsealed depending on application and are rated to Railway Standards NFF 16-101 and NFF 16-102 for both fire and smoke resistance.

The interesting addition of a grommet system dispenses with the need for filler plugs to meet sealing requirements. A further benefit of the range is its flexible cable support which also acts as a panel fixing device.

These connectors are available in 3, 6 or 12 contact layouts. Contacts are turned to maintain signal continuity in high vibration rail environments. Polarisation can be set during connector assembly and a snap-in mechanism provides audible confirmation of correct mating for ease of use in restricted spaces. 

This connector range is particularly well suited to applications including air conditioning controls, doors, fire control systems, LCD displays, signalling, wipers, shutters and seats on mass transit vehicles.

ITT Interconnect Solutions