A new 850 nm infrared emitter featuring a parabolic lens for a narrow ± 3º angle of half intensity, has been developed by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Based on surface emitter chip technology, the VSLY5850 offers radiant intensity of 600 mW/sr at a 100 mA drive current, high optical power to 55 mW, and fast 10 ns switching times.

The surface emitter technology used is a die construction in which all the light generated inside the semiconductor is emitted through the top surface of the chip. This greatly reduces side emissions out of the device’s 5 mm T1 3/4 plastic package, providing the user with a narrow, well-directed emission beam without disturbing fractions towards the sides.

The emitter’s high radiant intensity allows intensities to be achieved at low drive currents, reducing power consumption by up to three times when compared with the next available intensity class of infrared emitters, and extending operating life in battery-driven infrared applications.

The device is optimised for IR illumination in CMOS cameras, fire alarm systems, and smoke detectors. The emitter’s fast switching times also make it ideal for use in high modulation frequency applications.