Infinera and SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, developers in wireless communications, have announced the success of a trial demonstrating how end-to-end, software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled service can be orchestrated across integrated IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) transport and microwave/millimetre-wave transport domains. This proof of concept trial underlines network operators’ newfound ability to ease the automation of multi-domain, multi-vendor operations, as mobile networks evolve to support new high-capacity, latency-sensitive 5G services.


The trial exhibited the cooperation of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s SM-DC microwave domain controller and AGS20 Layer3 microwave platform, and Infinera’s IP domain controller, Transcend Orchestrator and 8600 Smart Router Series IP/MPLS platforms. Its applicability ranges from network and service discovery/visualisation, end-to-end multi-domain service provisioning and closed-loop automation. 


“This solution builds upon our widely deployed Tier 1 edge router solutions and provides a simple solution to improve operational efficiencies with an evolutionary approach to SDN migration that leverages existing infrastructure,” said Mikko Hannula, Vice President of engineering and product management at Infinera: “Our joint solution with SIAE MICROELETTRONICA brings a new level of dynamic network optimisation to multi-domain, multi-layer, multi-vendor networks, while reinforcing the operational benefits of open networking.”


“This implementation demonstrates how network resources can be addressed to set up services in real time, across different transport technologies and network areas,” said Paolo Galbiati, product line management director at SIAE MICROELETTRONICA: “This is proof of how SDN can really serve operators in shaping their networks and fully exploiting network potential.”


For more information, visit their respective websites using the following links: Infinera, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA