Lane Electronics, a distributor of electrical and electronic connector products, has announced a range of stainless steel circular connectors that meet MIL-DTL-38999 SERIES III. Manufactured by Souriau, these are scoop-proof, high density connectors that feature a self-locking system designed to eliminate unscrewing during high vibration.

As a Souriau distributor, Lane Electronics holds a wide range of piece parts and can quickly assemble the 38999 connectors with signal, power, coax, triax, quadrax and optical contacts to suit a very broad variety of applications. The company can also supply them in passivated and nickel plated finishes.

Souriau qualifies these stainless steel 38999 connectors for 500 mating cycles and full QPL Certification is available at no extra cost.

Lane is an ideal source for all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test & measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.