CamdenBoss’ latest addition to their plastic enclosure range is the highly anticipated 1500 series universal smart enclosure. With many features and benefits that deal with everyday issues faced by installers and product assemblers, the new 45° angled enclosure is a must have.

The external walls that form the enclosure are elegantly finished. A quality feel is evident throughout and everything has been taken into consideration to ensure the housing is practical as well as stylish.

Careful consideration of market demands and requirements such as innovative and practical electronic enclosures have been thoroughly thought out, with the result being a flexible IoT enclosure solution.

The top cover features a recess, allowing a good surface area for touch pads and overlays, allowing it to be used for door entry and control systems; or even digital displays, motion sensors, branding and much more.

The base is where things get interesting…

On either side of the base, the corners have been cut off to leave 45° angles, adding two more usable faces to the enclosure. By doing this, a variety of surface mounting options are possible; increasing the diversity of applications available. Whether you require the housing to be mounted at 45° to a wall, standing on a desk or fitted to the corner of the room, the 1500 series makes this possible – we found 40 different ways the enclosure can be used! How many can you find?!

To mount the enclosure to a surface, mounting plates are required. Our recommendation is to use the 45° mounting bracket that is available as part of a kit. It fits tightly against the angled faces of the product, in either the left or right orientation, depending on which way up you require the enclosure to stand. A flat mounting plate is also available for standard wall mounting.

This multi-functional enclosure is available in two body types, either vented or unvented to suit different applications and purposes. The vented housing addresses heat concerns, providing a way for heat to escape. Alternatively, sensors inside the enclosure make use of the vents, should they be measuring air temperature, actively sensing for gases or noting changes in humidity.

The internal space is maximised, with standoffs placed at different heights and locations, making excellent use of the space and providing flexibility when mounting a PCB. There are also a set of standoffs on the lid at two different heights.

 White, black and grey colours are available to order.

All of this has been engineered styled and designed around the market today, dealing directly with the issues and requirements that engineers need – and all at an incredible price. Secure yours now from your local distributor. For larger batch orders, get in touch with CamdenBoss direct to discuss your project. CamdenBoss also offer full in-house customisation such as digital printing, CNC cutting and coatings should you require them.

Many useful downloads regarding the 1500 series universal smart enclosure can be found on the dedicated product page You’ll also find some interesting product videos, detailing the range or how to assemble the 45°mounting bracket to the enclosure.

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